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araragibar's transabled flag

Transabled is a transid for identifying with abilities (typically lack of abilities) than one currently or physically has. Though identification with amputation and paralysis are commonly focused on in studies, transability can be about any type of ability.


Examples of transabled dysphoria include feeling distress over having a certain limb, having certain abilities, or not being perceived as having the desired abilities. Some BIID sufferers have been recorded feeling as if their limbs feel alien or as if they don't belong to them.[1]


In a study on BIID,[2] some transabled people have expressed euphoria and remission of BIID symptoms after undergoing amputation.
Transabled people may also experience euphoria by acting in a way that aligns with their desired abilities, or from seeing themselves as or being perceived as having those abilities.

Associated Transids

BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder)
BID (Body Identity Dysphoria)

Associated Paraphilias



transabled-pou's new/alternative transabled flag
transx-mogai-cafe's transabled flag, based on the original and the disabled flag

The most popular transabled flag was made by Tumblr user araragibar on or before November 10th, 2021.[3] A new flag was made by transabled-pou on February 11th, 2022,[4] but it did not become as popular. A version of the original transabled flag in the style of the disability flag was created by transx-mogai-cafe on August 27th, 2023.[5]